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My Computers

My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 which I brought in 1979, it had level 2 basic and 4k of ram a cassette deck and black and white monitor. Though that year I added to it and ended up with 2 floppy disk drives, 48k ram, printer and other bits and pieces this cost in total £2000. That made quite a machine of its time. I wonder what that is in today's cost and what I could build today for the equivalent amount of money? I also built a zx80 and 81 for someone, but my next computer was the 48k Spectrum . Then on to the Atari 800xl the ST and the 130xe. Then I turned to the IBM style pc the first one was a Compaq Deskpro. This was an 8086 clone I cannot remember the spec but it ended up with colour monitor an 80 meg hard drive and a couple of meg of ram. After that I started to build my own system starting with a 386 though to the systems I have now. 2 Quad core and 2 Dual core systems. I am now looking at IOT and Windows 10.