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About Me

Hello my name is Charles Sleger and I now live in Basildon Essex in the UK. Born in the mid Fifties at Rochford Hospital, near Southend Airport; all that is left of the hospital is the chimney. My surname originated from the Czech Republic and is spelt Slegr, more about on the Sleger Name page. I was a control systems specialist (electrical) with New Holland Ltd at Basildon Tractor plant which was Ford Tractors; from which I have retired from. My main interest is computers, since I brought my first computer in 1979 which was a Tandy TRS80 or in Commodore circles the Trash 80. But then if I wanted a Pet I would have brought a dog. I am also interested in photography both digital and analogue, I use to develop my own black and white films, but now I am more into digital photography as it is quick and clean. I am also interested in Genealogy to find out more about my family. On my mother's father's side I have gone back to 1760, mind you that is thanks to our family bible. Back in the early 70's I was a mobile DJ from 71-76 which was great fun.